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The escape outdoor game "The Hero of Antwerp"

Steenplein 21, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

The escape outdoor game "The Hero of Antwerp"

Steenplein 21, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium


The story line of Escape outdoor game will be based on a local legend in Antwerp that there was once a villainous giant named Druon Antigoon who demanded a toll from those crossing the Scheldt River. So, Druon Antigoon took up position on the bridge and took it upon himself to issue tolls to people trying to cross this river. 

If people paid, then all was fine; they could cross. If they, however, were unable to or refused to pay, then Druon Antigoon would cut off their hand and throw it into the river. 

This went on and on until one day, a Roman soldier by the name of Silvius Brabo arrived. When he heard of the story, he confronted Druon Antigoon and—in a shocking twist—killed the giant and cut off his hand, throwing that into the river instead!

During this ArtEscape Outdoor Room participants will discover this myth by themselves, find Brabo and even a hand of Druon Antigoon through solving challenges and tasks on their route.

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One step - two worlds! Get this badge

This is a first stage of this Escape outdoor game, for which you can get this badge.

Congratulations! You completed all the tasks and you got this badge. It was a long journey between legends and heroes. You managed to meet Lang Veper and Druon Antigoon, who almost cut off his hand due to lack of coins.

You have got this badge when you met 2 legends of the city - Antwerp. But most importantly, now you have a clue how to find Brabo, who will help you escape from the villain Antigoon. Go in search of him!
You have to finish 1 task to get the badge
Task no.1
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We begin our journey into the world of this legend near the Ferris wheel - location

You have a folder with the signature "Start" , it was waiting for you. Inside of the envelope is the parts of text of the legend, which need be composed. The text should be composed of numbers, so you have to make in right order.

Link to the folder with text - here
Task no.2
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Perfectly! You done with the first task and now you have a complete text, but still nothing is clear. Text of the legend in Dutch. You need to find a passerby, who will translate the legend for you into English, or you can use digital technologies. Please, add the English version of the text like an evidence.
Task no.3
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Now you already know a legend and let`s discover if Druon Antigoon is still in his place? You have to find a river bus. Next, you should go to the entrence of The Waterbus.

Task no.4
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Finally you got the Waterbus! But oooh, noo!

Druon Antigoon is waiting for you, the giant request payment from you - 1 coin. But you don`t have no coins and you know (from the legend) that the giant really likes theater performances and you decide to act out the legend they read. The task is to play out this legend in your own way.

Let`s make a theater perfomance about this legend what you have.
Make a photo and add it like an evidance
Task no.5
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But the giant does not like this perfomance, because he identifies himself as a bad and negative character and he wants to chop off the hand of one participant. Like most local residents, participants cannot afford to pay to him. Druon Antigoon give you a chance to find this coin or chop a hand.

During this time, you should find a brave Roman soldier named Silvius Brabo to fight with the giant and help you. Where to find, Brabo?

Here is a link to a tip - here

Please go to this place and find a monument
Task no.6
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Another giant meets you at the entrance to the castle, who is it? Maybe is it Antigoon again? Do you have to pay 1 coin again?

Who is it? The giant lost his memory. So you need help him get his memory back. He had some documents with him; Please help him collect his story and thanks to this you will understand who he is.

Links to collect a story - here
Task no.7
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Nice, you have discovered one more legend about Antwerp and Lang Veper regained his memory.

He asks you to take a common photo, post it on social networks, so that it reminds of this day - of taking back his memory!

Share your selfie on Facebook with the following as a caption*: I Escaped Outdoors the Hero of Antwerp. Make a screenshot of your screen and put it like an evidence.

Task no.8
Evidence verified by: one activity member
Great photo! Now more people can discover this Escape outdoor game! But we still need find Brabo, who can save you and city from the angry Antigon.

For this, the Giant give a present for you - a QRcode with geolocation on a Google map to find Brabo!

Link is here


Steenplein 21, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium


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Time to complete: 2 hours


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